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Rhododendrons are listed in their colour groups. Click on the colours below to see the range

Colours available: Pink, Red, Yellow, Cream , Orange / apricot, White, Blue/Mauve /Purple

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Name Description Season Height  
Alpine Meadow  White flushed lemon flowers cover this compact plant. Early/Mid  65 cm
Award Primarily white with hint of pink, yellow and green. Lovely.  Mid/Late 1.5m
Beauty of Littleworth Vigorous, upright growth. Huge white trusses. Red spots upper lobe  Mid 2m
County of York White flowers with green flare, upright trusses. Hardy plant.
 Mid/Late 1.8m
crassum Fragrant, tubular funnel shaped flowers. White flushed pink. Late 1.5m
Cunningham’s White Smallish white flowers, with greenish yellow blotch. Pink bud. Mid/Late 1.5m
diaprepes Fragrant white funnel-bell shaped flowers. Green spotting in throat. Very Late 2m
edgeworthii  Interesting swollen, puckered foliage. Fragrant, white flowers.  Early/Mid 1.2m
Floral Dance Large frilly flowers white with pink markings. Very fragrant. Mid 1.6m
Harry Tag Fragrant, white flowers with a pink tinge, yellow in throat. Early/Mid 1m
Helene Schiffner Dark buds open to white flowers held in compact trusses.

Out of stock!
Mid 1.2m
hyperythrum Curled smooth dark green leaves. Pink buds open to white flowers. Early/Mid 90cm  
Martha Isaacson  Fragrant azaleodendron, white pink striped flowers. Sun tolerant. Late 1.5m
Mi Amor Large, perfumed lily like flowers, white with yellow in throat. Mid 1.8m
Mrs A T de la Mere  White flowers, green spotted throat in large dome shaped trusses.
Out of stock!
Mid 1.8m
Mt Everest Faintly scented conical flower trusses, pure white red is throat.
Mid 1.8m
nuttallii Large lily like flowers, creamy white. Yellow in throat. Fragrant

Out of stock!
 Mid 1.5m
Princess Alice Very fragrant, white flushed pink flowers. Protect from hard frosts. Early/Mid 1.2m
Polar Bear Large, fragrant white flowers, green throat. Give midday shade.   Very Late 2m
September Snow  A compact, spreading plant. Fragrant, white, flattish flowers.
Early 1 m
Summer Cloud Scented white flowers with green throat. Pink in bud.
Mid 1m
Tiana  Ball shaped trusses of white blooms with a burgundy blotch. Mid 1.2m
Triumph de Grande White flowers with wine/purple speckling in throat. Large, compact truss. Mid 1.8m
Tyermanii Lax trusses of lily like flowers, yellow in throat, some fragrance.
Out of stock!
Mid 1.5m  
White Linen Very compact plant. Flowers white, wavy & fragrant, round truss.
Out of stock!
Mid 1m
White Pearl Pink buds open to large white flowers hint of pink. Vigorous. Mid/Late 2m
White Waves Large white trumpets from pink buds. Yellow/green throat. Scented. Mid/Late 1.5m
Yvonne Scott  Large lily like flowers opening greenish yellow turning to white.
Out of stock!
Mid 1.5m



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