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Rhododendrons are listed in their colour groups. Click on the colours below to see the range

Colours available: Pink, Red, Yellow, Cream , Orange / apricot, White, Blue/Mauve /Purple
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Name Description Season Height  
Bambino Showy peach/ soft lemon flowers, red in the centres.

Out of Stock!
Mid 90cm
Barbara Jury Naples yellow with pink flush, orange yellow inside. Mid/Late 1.5m
Bonnie Doone Golden wavy flowers with a wavy edge. Attractive, glossy foliage.
Out of Stock!
Mid 1.2m
Butter Brickle  Beautiful, buttery gold, maroon star in centre. Large calyx. Mid 1.2m
Butterfly Pale lemon yellow, red spots on upper lobe.

Out of Stock!
Mid 1.2m
Buttermint  Brick coloured buds open to soft butter yellow flowers. Compact.
Out of Stock!
 Mid 90cm
Double Eagle Rounded trusses of butter yellow, striking red flare in throat.
Out of Stock!
Mid 1.2m
Evening Glow Soft yellow flowers held in large, semi lax trusses. Mid / Late 1.5m
Floral Sun Fragrant, soft gold trumpets. Textured leaves and peeling bark.
Early/Mid 1.2m
Gandy Dancer Large heads of creamy yellow flowers.
Out of Stock!
Mid 1.5m
Golden Torch Rounded, tight growth habit. Salmon pink bud opens soft golden yellow. Mid 80cm
Golden Wedding  Red buds open to yellow flowers held in a full truss.
Out of Stock!
Mid 1m
Horizon Monarch Very large trusses of soft yellow, red flare in throat. Mid 2m
Hotei Deep yellow flowers with a prominent calyx. Must have good drainage. Mid 1m
Jimmy Primrose yellow flowers in semi lax trusses on a vigorous plant. Mid 2m
Karen Triplet Lemon yellow flowers in a rounded truss. Attractive dark green foliage. Mid / Late 1.5m
Lovelock Clear lemon yellow. Protect from hard frost.
Out of Stock!
Very Early 1.5m  
Moon Orchid  Rose pink buds open to light yellow flushed pink/green/orange. Mid 1.5m
Mrs Betty Robertson Compact dome shaped truss, very soft yellow with red blotch.
Out of Stock!
Mid 1.2m
Shah Jehan  Warm chrome yellow flowers, orange spotting in throat.
Out of Stock!
Mid/Late 1.2m
Shamrock Lime green flowers cover this very compact, dwarf plant. Early 50cm
Spun Gold Amber yellow flowers in lax trusses. Densely foliated.
Out of Stock!
Mid/Late 90cm
Vicki Harris Very similar to Crest, bright sunny yellow. Compact and dense plant. Mid 1.2m
Windsong Wavy edged florets, greenish yellow, red in base of throat. Mid 1m
Yellow Butterflies  Lemon flowers, red pepper flares on upper lobes. Enlarged calyx. Mid 1m
Yellow Moon Coral pink buds open to waxy, lemon yellow flowers. Ex. Foliage.  Early 1.5m


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