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Rhododendrons are listed in their colour groups. Click on the colours below to see the range

Colours available: Pink, Red, Yellow, Cream Orange / apricot, White, Blue/Mauve /Purple
Price $25.00

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Name Description Season Height  
Arthur Osborn Low compact bush, bright red flowers appear in January.
Very Late 80cm
Baden Baden Deep cherry red flowers. Vigorous and compact.
Mid 75cm
Black Magic  Very dark red flowers held in neat trusses. Eye-catching.
Mid/Late 1.5m
Black Sport Rich purplish red flowers. Deep black-red blotch on upper lobe. Mid/Late 1.5m
Cary Anne Coral red trumpet shaped flowers cover this compact plant. Mid 1m
Chanticleer Large, waxy bright dark red flowers on a vigorous, upright plant. Mid/Late  2m
Cornubia  Striking blood red flowers in a large compact truss.
Early 1.5m
Cornubia Variegated Lime green edged leaves set off bright red flowers.
 Early/Mid 1.8m
Crossroads Cardinal red flowers. Dark green, deeply veined leaves. Early/Mid 1.5m
Dopey Strawberry red, ball shaped truss. Compact, upright growth. Mid 1m
Dorintha Clear shiny red with deep wavy lobes. Grows wide and compact. Mid/Late 1m
Elizabeth Hobbie  Bright scarlet red with faint darker spotting. An excellent low grower.
Early/Mid 70cm
Elizabeth Lockhart Attractive foliage, deep reddish turning dark green. Deep red flowers. Early/Mid 30cm
Emma Bright red flowers on a compact, mound forming plant. Early/Mid 75cm
Firedance Superb red flower buds open to a profusion of scarlet red flowers. Early/Mid 50cm  
Fireman Jeff Bright hot red flower with large bright red calyx.  Mid 1m
Freeman Stevens Large cherry red blooms on a vigorous growing plant. Mid 1.5m
Gertrude Schale  Scarlet red, bell shaped flowers, hang in clusters. Mid 80cm
Grace Seabrook Deep blood red flowers held in full, dense trusses. Textured foliage.
Early/Mid 1.2m
Grosclaude  Blood red flowers on neat rounded mound forming plant.
Mid 80cm
Gwen Compact,deep red trusses, backed by dark green, glossy foliage.
Mid 1m
Heart’s Delight Large trusses of light vibrant red with deeper markings.
Mid/Late 1.5m
Impi Unusual black red flowers in lax trusses. Dark green curled foliage. Very Late 1.2m
Ivanhoe Brilliant scarlet, spotted deeper red funnel shaped flowers. Mid 1.8m
Jean Marie de Montague  Bright red flowers. Heavy, thick foliage is sun tolerant.
Mid 1.5m
Johnny Bender Intense currant red flowers. Dark green heavy textured foliage
Mid 1.3m
Little Jack Horner  Tight mounded plant covers itself with rose red flowers.
Mid 1m
Lord Roberts Wine red neat rounded trusses. Good planted next to soft pinks.
Mid 1m
Mandalay Showy, waxy scarlet red flowers, loose trusses on a compact plant. Mid 1.2m
May Day Heavy bloomer. Brilliant orange/scarlet  - stands out.
Early/Mid 90cm
Midnight Deep red purple flowers spotted red on upper lobe. Mid 1.5m
Molly Ann Dense, compact plant. Flowers beautiful shade of rose. Mid 80cm
Raging Bull Glowing red flowers in good shaped truss. Tidy habit, excellent foliage.
Early/Mid 1.5m
Red Imp Free flowering, deep red clusters on a low, compact bush. Mid 60 cm
Ring of Fire Striking flowers with orange/red margins and yellow centres. Mid/Late 1.2m
Robert Balch Compact bush, dark green glossy leaves. Rich red perfect trusses. Mid 1.5m  
Romany Chal Bright deep red, rounded trusses on a vigorous, upright plant.
Late  2m
Rubicon Excellent flower and foliage. Cardinal red flowers, glossy leaves.
Mid 1.2m
Ruby Hart Dark blood red, waxy textured flowers in lax trusses. Very compact.
Early/Mid 75cm
Sammetglut Dark red flowers with white stamens. Upright growth habit. Mid 2m  
Scarlet King Glowing red trusses. Plant has an open growth habit.
Mid 1.8m
Scarlet Wonder  Brilliant scarlet red flowers. Glossy, dark green foliage. Mid 60cm
Sunset Queen Large florets, rich coral red held in loose trusses. Mid/Late 1.5m
Thatcher’s Red Compact plant, tubular funnel shaped florets with darker spots. Mid 80cm
Thor Bright geranium red flowers in lax trusses. Hardy, compact plant. Mid 1m
Titan Beauty  Bright turkey red flowers. Erect, compact growth habit.
Mid 85cm
Vulcan’s Flame Bright red flowers on a vigorous, compact plant. Mid/ Late 1.5m
Warlock Dark reddish purple flowers. Wine red new growth.
Late 1.5m
Witchery Fiery red flowers that glow. Silver tomentum on new growth.
Mid/Late 1.5m
yak x elliottii Very attractive foliage and flower – rich deep red compact truss. Mid 90cm

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