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Rhododendrons are listed in their colour groups. Click on the colours below to see the range

Colours available: Pink, Red, Yellow, Cream , Orange / apricot, White, Blue/Mauve /Purple
Pink I - Z
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Name Description Season Height  
Isobel Pierce Deep rose pink with lighter edges giving two toned effect.  Mid/Late 1.8m
James Burchett Large truss, white flowers, faint pink edge, slight yellow in throat.
Late 1.5m
Jean  Glowing salmon pink flowers cover this well shaped plant.
 Late 1.5m
Jock Bonny Bells Rosy pink flowers cover this mound forming plant. Hardy. Mid 90cm
Jumping Jeff Deep pink, open funnel shaped flowers. Plant forms compact mound.
Mid 90cm
Kimbeth  Rosy flowers appear from rouge pink buds. A perfect semi dwarf.  Early/Mid 80cm
Kimberley Very beautiful, heavy flowering pastel pink.  Bronze new growth.

Mid 90cm
Lady Galway Scented, white tinged pink with pink/red stamens. Mid/Late 1.5m
Lem’s Aurora A blend of pink red and yellow. Compact plant. Mid 80cm
Lem’s Monarch  Huge, eye-catching trusses, deep pink margins white in centres.
Mid/Late 2m
Lem’s Cameo x Tropicana Huge trusses of satin pink flowers with red spotting.

Mid/Late 1.8m
Mai Tai  Rose salmon flowers ageing more creamy orange. Prominent calyx.
Mid 1m
Manda Sue Creamy shell pink flowers edged red. Compact truss and plant. Mid 90cm
Marion Street Deep pink buds open to softer pink with white throat. Compact.
Mid 85cm  
Mary Belle Light salmon pink, fading to golden peach, red spotting inside.
Mid/Late 1.5m
Maryke Beautiful blend of soft apricot pink and yellow flowers, large truss. Late 1.5m
Mike Davis Super soft pink creamy apricot flowers. Yak x Lem’s Cameo.
Mid 1.2m
Mission Bells Mid pink campanulate flowers in lax trusses. Sun tolerant. Early/ Mid 1m
Mrs Charles Pearson Pale pink tinged mauve flowers. Chestnut spotting in throat. Vigorous. 
Mid 2m
Mt Loma Prieta  Large trusses of soft apricot pink, a beautiful colour blend. Mid 1.5m
Naselle Large blooms, china rose shading to maize yellow. Compact plant.
Mid 1.2m
Noyo Brave Lively pink flowers softening with age. Compact truss and plant. Early/Mid 90cm
One Thousand Butterflies Huge balls of pink, cream in centres with a red blotch.
Mid/Late 1.5m  
Ooh Gina Large frilled pink flowers, cream in centre, red blotch in throat. Mid/Late 1.2m
Oh Kitty  Currant red buds open to large mid pink flowers, red in throat. Mid 1.2m
Opal Fawcett  Very pale opalescent pink. Compact rounded trusses.
Mid 1.2m
Party Dress Mauve pink flowers with distinct yellow spotting. Round trusses. Mid 1.5m
Percy Wiseman Compact plant. Peach/cream flowers fading gently. Very popular.
Mid 90cm
Petticoat Lane Attractive foliage and flower. Flowers frilly lemon flushed pink.
Mid 1m
Pink Cherub Dainty rose pink flowers, lighter centres. Floriferous ,Compact. Mid 1m
Posy Soft mid pink flowers in neat compact trusses, compact plant. Mid 80cm
President Roosevelt Pink/red flowers, white centres. Variegated yellow & green foliage.
Early/Mid 1.2m
Psyche Pale pink bell shaped flowers, on a compact, mounded plant. Early/Mid 1m
Rainbow  Deep pink edges, white centre. Glossy foliage. Mid 1.8m  
Razzle Dazzle Pink flowers with showy maroon flare, picotee petal edges. Mid/Late 2m
Ruby Bowman Large trusses, rose pink deeper in flower centre. Mid 1.5m
Ruby McKerchar Unregistered. Large orchid pink flowers with deep burgundy flare.
Mid 2m
Ruth Mottley Peachy flowers, purplish pink at edges, orange dorsal spotting.
Mid 1.5m  
Sarita Loder Deep crimson bud opens to rose salmon flowers. Mid 1.5m
Seta Bell shaped, two toned pink flowers. Upright growth habit.
Early 1.2m  
Sleepy Compact plant with pale lavender/pink flowers. Mid 80cm
Smoked Salmon Salmon pink flowers. Attractive new foliage, coppery and glossy. Mid 1.2m
Sneezy Compact plant. Soft pink flowers with darker margins.
Mid 80cm  
Springvale Pink  Large, icing sugar pink blooms. Attractive foliaged plant.
Mid 2m
Sugar Pink Very tall trusses of clear mid pink flowers. Strong grower. Mid 1.8m
Sunrise Salmon pink flowers, red in base of throat.
Mid/Late 1.5m  
Surrey Heath  Rose pink flushed orange, creamy yellow centre. Compact. Mid 90cm  
Sweet Sixteen Huge light clear pink flowers with deeper pink on edges. Mid 1.8m
Ted’s Orchid Sunset Eye catching orchid pink flowers with deep bronze blotch. Mid 1.5m
The President Pink/red flowers softening to white in centres. Mid 1.8m
Vandec Slightly fragrant pale pink trusses on a strong growing plant. Mid 1.8m
Vanessa Jack  Mid pink florets on a compact growing plant. Mid/Late 85cm
Van Nes Sensation  Mauve pink, large trusses, fragrant. Mid 1.8m  
Very Berry  Large, showy rose-red flowers in perfect dome shaped trusses. Mid/Late 1.8m  
yak No 6 Soft pink flowers, almost white in petal centres. Compact truss. Mid 90cm  
yak x Purple Splendour Pink buds open soft pink, neat round trusses. Compact plant. Mid 1m
yak x Firebird Soft pink flowers deeper pink on edges, faint red spotting. Lovely. Mid 90cm
yak x Doc Pink buds open soft pink lightening with age. Mid 1m
zeylanicum x College Pink  Very nice rose pink florets in neat rounded trusses. Mid 1.5m  

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