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Rhododendrons are listed in their colour groups. Click on the colours below to see the range

Colours available: Pink, Red, Yellow, Cream , Orange / apricot, White, Blue/Mauve /Purple

Price $25.00

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Name Description Season Height  
Canary Song Apricot buds open to cream flushed apricot flowers. Very compact.
Mid/Late 80cm
Cherry Custard Mandarin buds open to yellow flowers with coral stripes. Mid 1.2m
Fabia Tangerine  A nice light orange, bell shaped flowers in lax trusses. Compact.
Mid/Late 90cm
Fabia ‘Tower Court’  Interesting orange colour, flowers held in lax trusses. Compact Mid/Late 85cm
Felicity Fair Amber yellow flushed pink orange throat, overall effect soft apricot. Mid 1.8m
Fred Hamilton A blend of very soft yellow and pink giving a soft apricot effect. Mid/Late 1m
Ilam Canary x Ilam Yellow  Peach pink, cream/yellow, overall effect is soft apricot. Mid  1.2m
Ilam Orange Yellow bells veined orange red. Free flowering compact plant. Mid/Late 1.2m
Jane Rogers Deep apricot flushed pink. Sometimes throws flowers in autumn. Mid/Late 1.5m
Kubla Khan Unusual salmon/pink/orange/red combination with creamy cast. Mid/Late 1.5m
Lillian Bannister Unregistered. Unusual apricot pink flowers held in semi loose truss. Mid 1.8m
Margaret Dunn Open funnel shaped flowers, apricot pink blend. Mid/Late 1.5m
Medusa Orange/mandarin shading. Loose hanging florets. Mid/Late 1m
Old Copper Large coppery orange flowers. Eye catching late in season.
Late 1.5m
Roman Pottery  Terra cotta flowers held in lax trusses on a compact plant. Mid/Late 90cm
Tortoiseshell Wonder Beautiful orange salmon and salmon pink combination. Mid/Late 1.2m
Tropicana Unique orange salmon colour, large trusses. Best in some shade.

Mid/Late 1.2m
Unique Marmalade Bright red buds open to rosy pink flowers, orange in throat. Mid 90cm


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