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Rhododendrons are listed in their colour groups. Click on the colours below to see the range

Colours available: Pink, Red, Yellow, Cream , Orange / apricot, White, Blue/Mauve /Purple

Price $25.00

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Name Description Season Height  
Apple Brandy Pink buds mature to cream. Neat bushy plant. Silvery new growth.
 Mid 90cm
Cream Supreme Apricot buds open cream, pink flares on outer lobes. Speckling upper lobe.
Mid 1.2m
Cream Parasol Creamy white scented flowers with hint of pink at base. Mid/Late 1.5m  
Gartendirektor Reiger  Large, cream flowers with red spotting in throat. Grows as wide as tall. Early/Mid 1m
Keay Slocock Cream flushed pink flowers in neat round trusses. Similar to R. Unique. Mid 1m
King’s Buff Creamy pink with darker coral throat. Slightly pointed petals. Compact. Mid 1.5m
Milkmaid Dense truss of creamy white flowers with yellow in throat. Mid 1.5m
Unique Pink buds open to cream flowers on a neat, compact plant.  Early/Mid 1.2m


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