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Rhododendrons are listed in their colour groups. Click on the colours to see the range

Colours available: Pink, Red, Yellow, Cream , Orange / apricot, White, Blue/Mauve /Purple


Pink A-H
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Name Description Season Height  
Alice Frosty pink, tall conical trusses Mid 1.8m
Anna  Ruffled flowers opening deep rose, then lightening. Red eye.
Mid 1.8m
Anna Rose Whitney Bright rose pink borne prolifically on large conical trusses.

Late 2.5m
argyrophyllum White scales under the leaves. Attractive pink bell shaped flowers.
Early/Mid 1.2m
Barnaby Centennial  Large, raspberry pink flowers with black anthers. Perfect trusses.  Mid 1.3m  
Bashful  Soft rose pink, mushroom blotch on upper lobe. Very compact.
Mid 90cm
Beauty of Tremough Large trusses of deep shell pink, red in throat. Vigorous plant.
Mid 2m
Bernice Crimson throat toning to white on edges. Slight scent, compact. Mid/Late 2m
Betty Wormald Pastel pink flowers, light purple spotting on upper lobe. Showy.
Mid 1.8m
Bronze Wing Pink buds fade to creamy white retaining rosy edge. Very compact. Mid 90cm
Broxon Large pink/purple flowers with dark blotch. Hardy, robust plant.
Mid/Late 1.5m
bureavii hybrid Excellent foliage, dark green glossy, tan indumentum. Pink flowers. Mid 90cm  
calophytum hybrid  Large leaves & trusses. Pink flowers, red in base of throat. Early 1.5m
Cameo Pearl Soft purplish pink, frilly edged florets, red in throat.
Mid 1m
Candy Ice  Large pale pink trusses. Strong grower.
Early/Mid 1.5m
China x Pilgrim x yak  Round trusses of mid pink flowers, almost cream in petal centres.
Mid 1.2m
Christmas Cheer Light to medium pink flowers on a well shaped bush. Very Early 1.2m
College Pink Rose, frilled florets in tight rounded trusses. Wide and bushy growth habit.
Mid 1.2m
Coral Skies  Large, reflexed, frilled flowers, coral pink, rose in throat. Calyx Mid 1.2m
Corry Koster Pale pink flowers with frilled edges, in compact rounded trusses Mid 1.5m
Cotton Candy Pastel pink florets with small maroon blaze form huge trusses. Mid 2m
Doc Rose pink flowers with deeper shading on margins. Compact.
Mid 90cm
Enticement  Red buds open to soft pink, orange/red spotting in throat.
Mid  80cm
Fairylight Deep salmon pink. Very attractive.
Late 1.5m
Flamingo Salmon pink. Vivid crimson bud.
Late 1.5m
Forever Young Phlox pink flowers with a lighter edge. Compact truss and plant.
Mid 90cm
Fred Wynniatt Tria Most attractive blend of soft pink/buff/cream, large, compact truss.
Mid 1.5m
Furnival’s Daughter Fresh pink florets, deep cherry blotch, beautifully shaped trusses
 Mid 1.5m
Gretsel Pastel pink flowers , salmon edging. Superb dark green foliage.
 Mid 85cm
Griero Splendour Purplish pink flowers, darker blotch are produced in profusion.  Mid/Late 1.2m
Grumpy  Cream flushed pink flowers form neat round trusses. Very compact.
Mid 85 cm
Gwen Bell Large trusses of deep pink with small dark eye.  Mid/Late 1.5m
Hansel Salmon pink flowers in lax trusses. Attractive foliage Mid 90cm
Heart’s Delight Large trusses, light pink/red with deeper markings.
Mid/Late 1.5m
High Society  Red buds open to dawn pink flowers in compact trusses.
Mid 80cm
Hinoki Pale pink flowers with apricot and yellow hues. Star shaped florets. Mid 1m
Hydon Hunter  Domed shaped trusses orchid pink on vigorous, compact plant.
Mid 1m

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